Staging Tips and Tricks to Make Your Kids’ Rooms Look Warm and Inviting

Staging is necessary when you want to sell a house fast in Garland. It makes your home look refined and clean, helping you fetch top dollar on the sale. 

While the primary bedroom, kitchen, and living are all key areas to focus on, you cannot ignore your kids’ bedrooms. A neatly staged kid’s room makes the space exudes that warm and homely feel and can act as a huge selling point for families with young kids. This post will share a few styling tips to stage your kids’ rooms and enjoy a quick sale. 

Make the Room Appear Spacious 

Remove any unnecessary furniture. Clearing out some of the furniture gives the room an instant boost in space, making it look bigger than it is. Specific furniture like tallboys or a chest of drawers indicate a lack of storage space. So, get them out of sight, preferably moving them to a temporary storage unit until the sale ends. 

Besides removing furniture, ensure that you declutter the space thoroughly. Kids have the habit of collecting knickknacks. While these personal items are valuable to your little ones, they give a messy impression. Take the room to the essentials with a bed and bedside table and start decorating from there. 

Avoid Bright Colors and Busy Patterns 

We love a themed kid’s bedroom, but we highly recommend keeping the room neutral when staging. Neutral bedrooms appeal to the majority of buyers. Avoid bright colors as they can appear too flashy or busy. For the bed linens, choose a white base and add a dash of color to the quilts or pillows. Avoid mixing too many colors and patterns, as it can appear cheap. 

Keep It Gender Neutral

The ideal way to stage a kid’s room is to keep it gender-neutral. But if the walls are pink or blue, styling them using neutral colors might make the room appear mismatched. Repaint the walls in gender-neutral colors like beige, grey, mustard, teal, or green. 

Avoid Overdecorating 

If you’re wondering, “What should I do to sell my house fast in Garland?” remember, not all buyers have the same tastes. Kids’ rooms are specific, depending on the ages of your kids. 

For example, a child’s nursery requires a different setup than teens sharing a room. Maybe your kids are still toddlers, while the buyer is an empty nester who plans to use this extra space as a home office. 

While decorating your kids’ rooms, avoid doing anything the buyer cannot change instantly. For example, avoid cartoon-themed wallpapers or murals and avoid kid-specific light fixtures. The idea is to present a blank canvas that the buyer can modify per their requirements. 


Depersonalizing the room makes it easy for prospective buyers to envision their family living there. Remove your kids’ artwork, school awards, placards, and photos. Assure your kids that this is temporary, and you’ll get them up once you move into your new place. Depersonalizing also helps to protect your kid’s identity. Remember that open-house visitors are strangers, and you don’t want them learning your kids’ names or seeing their photos. 

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