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    The Differences Between

    Listing Your House with a Realtor and

    Selling to Five Star Properties

    Your Options:

    List Your House with a Realtor

    Sell to Five Star Properties

    You Pay:

    Real Estate Agent:

    About 6%
    You pay a realtor from the money you get when you sell

    Five Star Properties:

    You don’t pay us any commission. We pay you!

    Closing Costs:

    Real Estate Agent:

    Another 2%
    You typically pay another 2% in closing costs

    Five Star Properties:

    We pay all your closing costs

    Home Appraisal:

    Real Estate Agent:

    Appraisal Needed
    Many buyers can’t buy your house if it doesn’t appraise well

    Five Star Properties:

    Your cash offer from Five Star Properties doesn’t depend on an appraisal

    Time it Takes to
    Sell Your Home:

    Real Estate Agent:

    40+ Days
    The average time it takes a DFW house to sell in 2022

    Five Star Properties:

    7 Days
    We can buy your house as fast as one week from today

    Risk of Buyer
    Backing Out:

    Real Estate Agent:

    Low to Medium Risk
    15% of buyers back out after a home inspection fails or their financing falls through

    Five Star Properties:

    No Risk
    When you accept our offer, we stand by it from start to finish

    of Showings:

    Real Estate Agent:

    One or Many
    It depends on how many people want to see your house

    Five Star Properties:

    Only One
    We meet with you to see your home and give you a fair offer

    Repair Costs:

    Real Estate Agent:

    Low to High
    You usually have to pay for repairs – even expensive ones – when you sell to someone else

    Five Star Properties:

    We make any repairs after you’ve already moved out

    When You Get Paid:

    Real Estate Agent:

    30-60 Days
    After you accept a buyer’s offer, your realtor will schedule a closing date

    Five Star Properties:

    You Decide
    We close and you get paid on the date you choose

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