How to Negotiate Realtor Fees with Real Estate Agents in Carrollton

Real estate agent commissions are one of the biggest expenses when selling a house in Carrollton. The good news is that realtor fees are negotiable. But the bad news is it’s not always easy to negotiate realtor fees. Continue reading to learn how to negotiate the fees with your real estate agent.

What Is Realtor Commission and Who Pays It?

When you hire a real estate agent to sell your house in Carrollton, you pay them a fee for their services. This fee is known as the realtor commission. Though some agents charge a flat rate fee, the commission is mostly a percentage of the home’s final selling price. Typically, it is around 6%. This amount is split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. While technically, both the buyer and seller share this amount, sometimes the buyer doesn’t have to pay. Instead, the whole amount is taken from the seller’s profits.

That’s a large cut of your potential profits. If you would rather avoid this fee, you can sell your home fast directly to trusted cash home buyers in Carrollton. Cash buyers are real estate investors who purchase your home directly from you, without any intermediates. Then, you don’t have to pay realtor commissions, helping you enjoy better profits.

If you decide to go with a realtor, remember that you can still negotiate the commission. It’s not fixed. Continue reading to find the best ways to reduce the realtor fees and increase the profits you make on the deal.

Tips to Negotiate Realtor Fees

Real estate fees aren’t set in stone. If you’ve chosen an in-demand realtor in Carrollton, they’re unlikely to budge regarding the fee. That said, while there’s no wrong in trying to negotiate the fee, you’re not guaranteed success.

If you’re trying your hand at negotiating the fee, it helps to keep the following in mind:

  • Be Reasonable: If your realtor asks for a 6% commission, you might be able to bring it down to 5.5% or 5%. If you ask the realtor for a 3% commission, it’s not likely to work.
  • Dangle a Carrot: Sometimes, telling your realtor that you’ll use their services in the future, they are likely to reduce the fees since you’ll provide them with repeat business.

There’s No Harm in Negotiating

Realtors bring a lot to the table. They provide expert insights and accurate info regarding Carrollton’s local real estate market. So, it’s understandable that they demand fair compensation for their expertise.

With that said, there’s nothing wrong with negotiating. But remember that the realtor might not accept your requests, and you’ll have to pay the total fees. If you’re unhappy with the situation, you can look for other realtors who offer a discount on the commission. Alternatively, you can sell your house directly to cash home buyers in Carrollton, TX and complete the sale quickly without any hassles and realtor fees.