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“Can you sell a house fast in Plano, TX that has foundation issues?” This is a question we hear all the time. The truth is, a home with foundation issues is going to be difficult to sell. And if these issues are detected during an inspection, it’s even worse, as then potential buyers will wonder whether or not you knew about these beforehand.

While selling a home that has foundation issues can be tough, it’s not impossible. Here’s what you need to know if your goal is selling a home that has foundation issues.

How Do I Know If My House Has Foundation Issues?

You could do a DIY evaluation of your property, but your love for your home may warp your perspective. Therefore, it’s best to have a third party look it over. Or you could get a qualified realtor to look at the property; they’ll be able to spot any foundation issues in the basement, as well as other red flags.

How Much Does Home Foundation Repair Cost?

Regardless of what’s causing the problems, you can expect to pay around $5,000 for foundation repairs. The price range for foundation repair is between $2,153 and $7,732. A variety of factors collectively determine how much your foundation repair job will be, including your location and the materials used to make your foundation. You could pay over $10,000 if things are particularly bad.

Should You Make Foundation Repairs Before Selling A House That Has Foundation Problems?

The short answer is—it depends. You need to first determine the severity of the problem. Then consider the market and other factors related to selling a property. If your goal is to sell the traditional way, i.e. on the open market, you’ll probably need to fix the issues to get any bids. But if you don’t want to make the foundation repairs, you can sell to a cash home buyer that buys properties as is.

Should I Work With A Real Estate Agent?

An experienced real estate agent can tell you what your best options are. But you must hire an experienced agent who can negotiate with buyers; they should also know when to walk from a bad deal. And if you fill your realtor in so they know about the foundation issues beforehand, they’ll be able to approach these in a tactful way when showing buyers the home.

What Should I Expect If I Sell My House As Is?

Most home buyers don’t want to go anywhere near a property that has foundation issues, and most home sellers who are facing this issue don’t want to fix their foundations. In short, if a foundation repair is what’s preventing you from selling and making a five-figure profit from doing so, just bite the bullet and get the issue resolved.

But if you don’t want to fix the issues and you still want to sell, check out Five Star Properties. You can sell to us without making repairs. Open houses and agent commissions are absent as well. We buy houses fast in Plano, TX no matter the condition they’re in or where they’re located.