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Buying a home can be a lucrative but complicated investment. And more likely than not, when you go to sell the home years later, you’ll profit from the sale. Real estate is one of the most conventional, profitable, and stable investments, and it can generate cashflow while appreciating over time. Provided you understand the risks as well as relevant laws and regulations, you could make a lot of money buying and selling real estate.

Below are some key reasons why investing in real estate is a good move.

1. Instant Results & Returns

Investing in rental properties is one of the most popular ways to produce a supplemental income stream. A renter will immediately pay a certain amount of money to secure the lease, and typically this is the first month’s rent plus a security deposit. In this case, you’re getting a return on your investment right away.

Provided the tenant doesn’t cause any significant damage and keeps paying the rent, your one purchase could be yielding you five figures before the year is over. But like with any other investment, it’s no sure thing in real estate—you could have a tenant who’s destructive, late with payments, and apathetic to your needs.

2. Reliable Long-Term Investment

Although the real estate market fluctuates like all other markets, investing in real estate has long been considered to be stable. Unlike investing in stocks, which can be much more risky, investing in real estate isn’t as nerve-racking, as home prices don’t swing rapidly and frequently like stock prices sometimes can. Also, political events and events related to the business cycle don’t affect property prices right away.

3. Tax Benefits

Real estate investing has several tax advantages. For one, you can deduct many of the expenses associated with owning an investment property, including property taxes, mortgage interest, property management fees, property insurance, ongoing maintenance costs, repair costs, and the money you pay to market your property. Plus, if you sell a house fast in Richardson, TX for more than you paid, the profit will not be taxed as income but as capital gains, saving you lots of money.

4. Value Increases Over Time

It’s been found that long-term investing in either residential or commercial real estate more often than not works out. Property values tend to increase over time, especially when urbanization, infrastructure improvements, etc. take place. If the local area becomes more populated and there’s a lot of demand for property, values go up.

5. Leveraging Funds

When you first start investing in real estate, it’s likely you won’t be able to afford buying properties outright. That’s where leveraging comes into play. “Leverage” in the real estate industry refers to using borrowed money to purchase properties. With leverage, you can increase how much real estate you have even though you don’t have the capital needed to buy the properties outright.

Purchasing a home is a big move. And if you’re not buying a home to live in it, price and other factors are even more important. If you’re investing in a new home and you need to sell your current one, Five Star Properties, a leading cash home buyer in Richardson, TX can help you. We’ll buy your home as is, so you won’t need to do repairs or renovations. Inspections, appraisals, closing costs, and commissions are also avoided. Plus, you can close in as little as 30 days.