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    As a realtor, working with a good team on the other side is crucial & Five Star Properties provided exceptional service for my clients. The level of care & meticulous attention to detail Jay provided was very impressive. They went above and beyond for my buyers to ensure an amazing experience from start to finish. Jay was always on top of things, kind, and knowledgeable with his craft. My clients were extremely satisfied & I couldn’t recommend them more, truly first class service and quality.
    Ali Noori
    Ali Noori
    Our experience with Five Star Properties was truly outstanding. From the moment we expressed interest in their home, it was clear that they were dedicated to providing an exceptional experience. Jay’s attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the project. He took the time to thoroughly understand our needs. What truly set Five Star Properties apart was their commitment to listening to my husband and I as buyers. It was refreshing to work with a professional who genuinely cared about what we as homebuyers wanted. Communication was another strong suit. Jay provided regular updates on the progress of the project, which helped alleviate any concerns we had along the way. This transparency and willingness to keep us informed made the entire experience smooth and stress-free. The speed at which their team completed the project did not compromise the quality in any way – the craftsmanship was executed beautifully. In summary, our experience with this home builder exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail, willingness to listen, effective communication, and ability to deliver outstanding results quickly make them a standout choice. We are thrilled with our new home and wholeheartedly recommend their services to others.
    Rozy Herao
    Rozy Herao
    I bought a house from Jay today and it was such a great experience! He’s extremely professional, respectful, and cares a lot about his projects. We had a walk through with Jay 2 weeks ago, and he fixed every item that we asked for. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. I would strongly vouch for Jay, and hope to do more business with him soon.
    Shazim Gheewalla
    Shazim Gheewalla
    My experience with Jay was nothing less than amazing and carefree. He held your hand through the entire process. Highly recommend.
    Seraphina Yasharahla
    Seraphina Yasharahla
    On our own, while trying to sell our property we faced several obstacles. The property itself was next to a railroad and also had a strange easement for a railroad utility box. To add to this, there where some issues with the original title. That’s where Five Star Properties came in. We had the opportunity of personally working with Jay. He systematically resolved each issue. There was no gap in communication, we understood the progress each step of the way. He wants to serve, but more importantly for my wife and I is that he truly stood by word when it counted most. Five Star Properties truly is a Five Star Company…
    Print Blaster
    Print Blaster
    I have dealt with Five Star Properties with homes in Desoto and Dallas. Jay have always been very professional and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their home or if you're looking to rent.
    Tedra Roberson
    Tedra Roberson
    I was very impressed and happy with everything. I would recommend Five Star Properties to anyone looking to sell their property. It doesn't matter what your situation is, they will find a way to buy your property. Everything was very Transparent and Professional. I look forward to working with them again in the future!
    Cory Armstrong
    Cory Armstrong
    I've done a few deals with Five Star Properties for a few years now. it's always been a pleasure working with them and getting deals to the finish line where everyone including the seller wins. If you're in a pinch and need to sell a problem-house, Five Star Properties is the way to go.
    Wes Johnson
    Wes Johnson
    From the very Start Jay was responsive and made sure that everything was explained in detail and was discussed. We had other real-estate agents attempt to help us sell the property and they were never quick to respond. We called Jay and he literally gave us a possible offer on the phone. He also came out the same week to sign papers for the negotiated cost that was even better then the one that he stated he could offer. He Never tried to rush us and made the experience comfortable in all aspects from him walking the property, giving us a workable turn over date, and basically did all the work with the title Company. He worked with us on the move out process and went above and beyond helping us not having to clean the property out 100%. We would highly recommend Five Star Properties to anyone looking to get a reasonable, quick, and cash offer on any property in any shape. He never back out even with our messed up Deed.
    Sam Flowers
    Sam Flowers
    I have worked on several projects with Jay McIlveen of Five Star Properties. He is a person of high character and integrity. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home for a fair price.
    Gabe Valdez
    Gabe Valdez

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