Sell My Fire Damaged House in Dallas/Fort-Worth

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Did you know you can sell your fire damaged house without making repairs?

    A house fire is often a life-changing experience.

    It can be a terrible feeling when the fire trucks drive away – you’re left with a damaged house and important questions that need answers:
    • Who can help me after a house fire if I have no insurance?
    • What if insurance won’t cover the full cost of my house fire repairs?
    • Can I sell my fire damaged home if I don’t want to deal with repairs and am ready to move on?

    We can help you find the answers you need.

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      Five Star Properties helps you get your house sold and get money in your pocket faster than ever. We buy houses in cash, no matter the condition. Whatever your situation is, we can help you sell your home for a fair price. We buy fire damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth  and have been for years. We are happy to buy yours next!

      If you want to sell your property but it has fire damage– do not worry. Five Star Properties can buy any home and put money back in your pocket. We offer cash for fire damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth.

      Why Should I Choose Five Star Properties to Sell My Fire Burnt House in Dallas/Fort-Worth?

      You might be wondering, “Where can I sell my fire damaged house in Dallas/Fort-Worth?” Look no further than Five Star Properties. By choosing us, you’re choosing a company that has expertise in getting you cash for your fire-damaged house. We will pay full price for your home in any condition. We’re not wholesalers, so we pay more because we bring our services directly to you with no middlemen involved. With us, you never have to pay commissions or fees, so you never have to worry about those costs!

      We have a smooth and transparent sales process. You can receive a quick cash offer from us in three simple steps. We offer not only fast service but also fair pricing for your fire burnt home.

      If your home has been burnt in a fire and was damaged, it may feel stressful to try to sell it. You may not be able to afford all the repairs you need to get it looking market-ready. At Five Star Properties, we buy fire-damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth “as-is,” saving you time and money. 

      Repairing Fire Damage Versus Selling a Damaged House “As Is”

      When fire breaks out in a home, it tends to start in one small area but spreads very quickly. This means your home can endure lots of damage in a short period from a fire. The damages caused can be structural and cosmetic.

      Fixing damages from fires can be time-consuming and very expensive. If the fire has caused structural damage, you may spend thousands and wait months until the repairs are completed. Even cosmetic repairs can take a long time and cost you a lot. That’s why we buy fire damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth.

      Due to repairs being costly and lengthy, some people may opt to sell the home “as is.” Selling your home “as is” will be quicker than getting the needed repairs – but you are settling to sell your home for much less than it is worth.

      Even if you have a beautiful yard, coveted neighborhood, and other great features, fire damage will negate all of this. Your home will sell for way under its value because of the fire damage alone. When it comes to it, both options have major issues. You can either spend a lot of money on repairs and get the house sold for its true value or save the repair costs and sell the house “as is” but get way less money from the sale.

      Auctioning a Fire Damaged House Versus Selling the Property

      If you plan to sell your fire-damaged home, you may consider auctioning it off. Auctioning can be good in situations when there is a particularly high interest in your home; it may get sold for more than it’s worth.

      Yet, most times, you are not guaranteed it will sell past the minimum bid. There is no negotiation in an auction – your home sells for whatever the highest bid is at closing time. This puts a lot up to chance. Plus, auctions will charge you an auctioneer’s fee, which can be costly.

      Selling your fire-damaged property to a cash buyer offers a more reliable sale process. The cash buyer can assess your home and give you a fair cash offer for it. You can work with your cash buyer to analyze and negotiate. We buy fire damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth. We offer cash for fire damaged homes in Dallas/Fort-Worth and with us, you never have to pay closing costs.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Your House in Dallas/Fort-Worth That Has Fire Damage

      Can I Sell a House That Has Fire Damage or Is Burnt in Dallas/Fort-Worth?
      You can sell your fire-damaged house easily through Five Star Properties. We provide cash offers quickly and easily, no matter the condition of your home. We buy fire damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth regularly. 
      Why Should I Sell a Fire Damaged House in Dallas/Fort-Worth?
      You might wonder, “Why should I sell my fire damaged house in Dallas/Fort-Worth?” Homes with fire damage are visually unappealing, but more importantly, they can be dangerous to live in. If your home obtained structural damage from the fire, it could be hazardous to continue to live there.
      How Do I Sell a Fire Damaged House Fast in Dallas/Fort-Worth, with the Help of Cash Home Buyers?
      Cash buyers can make an offer on your fire-damaged home quickly and easily. Our team at Five Star Properties can help you sell your damaged home with no hassle or stress. We offer cash for fire-damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth. Simply inquire with our team to get started on a quote.
      Who Buys Fire-Damaged Houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth?
      If you’re wondering, “Where can I sell my fire damaged home in Dallas/Fort-Worth?”, look for a cash buyer, like Five Star Properties. We frequently buy fire-damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth. Cash buyers can take damaged properties off your hands.
      What Are Typical House Fire Repair Costs in Dallas/Fort-Worth?
      The average cost for repairing moderate fire damage in the state of Texas is over $11,000.
      Why Do We Buy Houses with Fire Damage in Dallas/Fort-Worth?
      At Five Star Properties, we offer cash for fire-damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth. We know repairing the property will take time and money, but we have the resources to turn a fire-damaged property into something special over time. You can take your cash and build a new life, leaving the repairs and time-consuming tasks to us.
      Can I Sell a Fire-Damaged Property the Traditional Way in Dallas/Fort-Worth?
      You can try to sell a fire-damaged property the traditional way, but it’s not recommended. Fire damage significantly lowers the overall value of your home. More importantly, fire-damaged homes can have safety issues that cause them to not meet occupancy codes. Instead, look for companies that buy fire damaged homes in Dallas/Fort-Worth(like Five Star Properties).
      Should I Pay for Fire Damage Repairs Before Selling in Dallas/Fort-Worth?
      If you are trying to sell your fire-damaged home traditionally, making the repairs before listing the home is one of the only ways to sell your home for a fair price. However, in Texas, fire repairs start upwards of $10,000. Repairs are also time-consuming and may take months.
      Is It Better to Auction or Sell a Fire-Damaged House in Texas?
      If you are questioning, “Should I sell my fire damaged house in Dallas/Fort-Worth or auction it?” There are pros and cons to both auctioning and selling. However, to get the most money possible, selling your home is best. Auctions are unpredictable and charge outside fees. We offer easy and quick cash for fire damaged houses in Dallas/Fort-Worth. 
      Does Fire Damage Make My House Impossible to Sell?
      A home with damage from a fire can be very hard to sell. It may not be impossible, but in some cases, it will be impossible to sell your fire-damaged home traditionally. At Five Star Properties, we offer cash for your home in any condition and will take care of the repairs for you, with no extra charge!
      What’s the Fastest Way to Sell Your Fire-Damaged House in Dallas/Fort-Worth?
      The fastest option to sell your fire-burnt house in Dallas/Fort-Worth is by using a cash buyer, like Five Star Properties. We buy fire damaged houses for cash in Dallas/Fort-Worth . You will not need to set aside months for repairs, as we take your home “as is” for a fair price. We can get money back in your pocket more quickly than any other option!

      Getting Back to Normal is Closer Than You Think

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        If you’ve had a house fire, these eight steps can help you recover.